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Scarlett Johansson Wants To Get Ryan Reynolds Back In Her Life


Look, Ryan Reynolds. You did good when you put a wedding ring on Scarlett Johansson. The World knows that that lady is sex on two legs. But you messed up, buddy. You messed up when you left her, but we are here to help you. We think you don’t read the gossip blogs much, so we’ll fill you in: according to Us Weekly, the former Mrs. Reynolds is now thinking about getting back together with her ex-hubby. A informant told the gossip rag that Scarlett has been calling Reynolds incessantly, asking how he’s been, wanting to meet up: “She’s doing everything possible to get him to take her back. Even saying she?s ready to have a baby.” Seriously, do you have any idea how good looking your babies would be? Just pick up the telephone, Ryan. You know you want to.

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