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73-Year-Old Jane Fonda Starts Talking about Aging, Acting, and her Surprising Fanny


Jane Fonda, the swinging ’60s sex symbol who has appeared unclothed in eight movies from 1964′s Joy House to 1989′s Old Gringo, opens up about her effort with body image in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Fonda tells Harper’s that after a decades-long battle with bulimia (“I wasn’t very happy from, I would say, puberty to 50″, she says), she’s finally content with her body- specially the rear view: “I’m careful that what I wear will show off my best parts, which are my waist and my butt.” Fonda appears in the magazine in a skin-tight, sheer Stella McCartney gown, showing off the body she’s worked so hard to accept. Jane, if we look anything like you at age 73- hell, if we looked like you now- we’d be nothing but proud.

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