Maria Menounos’ pussy exposed at the beach

Paparazzi stalker shots

Greek-American actress and television personality Maria Menounos is known in America for her appearances as a correspondent for Today and Access Hollywood, but pretty soon she’ll be known for having her pussy exposed while frolickining at the beach. Thank goodness our trusty paparazzi guy was at the right spot at the right time took out […]

Kristin Cavallari’s butt curves hanging on the beach

Paparazzi stalker shots

It’s not hard to spot just about any beautifully-tanned bikini-clad blond chicks on the beach. But if the hot chick goes by the name Kristin Cavallari, you can’t help but look twice, or thrice…hell, look all you want as we got pictures of her oiled abs, legs, and those yummy butt curves.

The reality star confesses […]

Coco’s ass is always hungry

Paparazzi stalker shots

Oh Coco. What would the beach scene be like without your sexy, lardy ass leaving cavernous ass prints in the sand? If you have a thing for seeing thong bikinis disappearing into somebody’s ass crack, look no further and see Coco Austin’s backdoor boulders in a thong bikini.

Only the most adventurous dudes would dare stick […]

Makosi Musambasi exposes her mammaries

Reality star sexscandals

Part of the fun in following these reality stars skank up on television is to continue the voyeurism after their shows have concluded. Often, having the paparazzi trail their asses gives us plenty of things to jack off to, especially when they’re following sluts like Makosi Musambasi from Britain’s version of Big Brother.

To anybody following […]