Leggy Naya Rivera straddling the red carpet

Not one straight man ever really watches Glee for the fun musical acts. Admit it, if it weren’t for all those crazy girls, you wouldn’t even bother saying “watch” and “Glee” in a sentence. But if Naya Rivera would continuously parade her  in that sweet Cheerios uniform of hers, I’m … Continue reading

Mariah Carey’s perfectly delicious booty

This million dollar record selling R&B artist has broken a lot of hearts when she became Mrs. Nick Cannon. But when Mariah Carey certified the news that she was indeed pregnant, the whole world just simply smashed. How can we now get off with her nipslips and pokies and cameltoes when she’s … Continue reading

Ke$ha is one leggy whore

In this photoshoot for Complex’s Dec/Jan 2011 issue, Ke$ha had given us so much to think about in the all-confessing interview that went with it.Aside from getting turned on with guys and their unshaven facial hair and dissing men who act like women, this teen pop superstar has also got … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus celebrates a slutty 18th birthday

Disney has finally got themselves another ho in town. You gotta thank them for finding the skankiest whores in this side of Hollywood. First there was Britney, of course, and then we had Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and now, Miley Cyrus. Although you have to admit, even before turning 18, Miley was … Continue reading