Leggy Naya Rivera straddling the red carpet

Dirty teen celebrities

Not one straight man ever really watches Glee for the fun musical acts. Admit it, if it weren’t for all those crazy girls, you wouldn’t even bother saying “watch” and “Glee” in a sentence. But if Naya Rivera would continuously parade her  in that sweet Cheerios uniform of hers, I’m pretty sure you’d wrestle your […]

Ke$ha is one leggy whore

Celebrity spanker pics

In this photoshoot for Complex’s Dec/Jan 2011 issue, Ke$ha had given us so much to think about in the all-confessing interview that went with it.

Aside from getting turned on with guys and their unshaven facial hair and dissing men who act like women, this teen pop superstar has also got nothing against having a relationship […]