Tila Tequila’s popping cleavage

Paparazzi stalker shots

We don’t always get a glance at Tila Tequila’s tits…wrapped up in clothing. But for the Rolling Stone AMA after party, this reality star from A Shot of Love decided to cover her perky nipples and gave us mean front row seats to her awesome cleavage instead.

Then again, who’s to say she wouldn’t be stripping her […]

Paparazzi pussy shots

Paparazzi stalker shots

I guess it’s not just bras that Hollywood celebrities hate to wear. They actually hate wearing panties too! Yes, these days celebrities aren’t that fond of wearing any type of underwear. I don’t know what’s up with that, but of course, I am extremely thankful that that’s the fad in Hollywood now!

Of course, one classic […]

Wardrobe malfunctions make Hollywood exciting

Paparazzi stalker shots

We’ve seen it through different Hollywood events. Tara Reid’s boob slip revealing her pepperoni-sized nipple, Katy Perry’s nipple slip and upskirt, and Nicole Scherzinger’s almost tit slip–all these happened because of wardrobe malfunctions. Our Hollywood hotties hate them, but of course, to us, they’re heaven’s gift.

Let me just tell all those celebrities who has gone […]

Hollywood celebs see-through pics

Paparazzi stalker shots

I’ve already said in my previous post how Hollywood celebrities these days hate wearing bra for some reasons. Here are my proofs: Hilary Swank, Christina Aguilera, and Madonna and their almost bare tits. Maybe they want their tits moving freely with their dresses or something. That, or they’re opting for the more sexually liberated style. […]