Tila Tequila’s popping cleavage

We don’t always get a glance at Tila Tequila’s tits…wrapped up in clothing. But for the Rolling Stone AMA after party, this reality star from A Shot of Love decided to cover her perky nipples and gave us mean front row seats to her awesome cleavage instead. Then again, who’s to say she wouldn’t be stripping her tits naked onstage when given the chance? Mabe that’s why she clad herself in an easy-to-take-off top, something she can just slip out off in a minute, even lesser. But do I hear any complaints? No matter how many times I see those luscious pair of chesticles, I still get turned on when I get a glimpse of them. Images of running my mouth over and over her big hooters while fucking her ass harder and harder always pop in my head.

Tila Tequila’s popping cleavage

And just as with these raunchy titty fest pictures of Tila Tequila, my hands impulsively reach for the towel by my bed as I feel a certain moistness in my crotch area.

Katherine Heigl’s almost tit flash

Katherine Heigl tit slipKatherine Heigl tit slipDid you know that Katherine Heigl’s character in Grey’s Anatomy already got sacked? Or that she won Female Artist of the Year in ShoWest in Vegas? Okay, well, that’s not the news. The news is, that Katherine almost flashed her left tit to the entire audience of an award show last week. I said almost, because she moved and thought fast before her breasts hang out of her dress. Yeah, it sucked that she managed to grab the strap of her dress before the tit slip happened.

It is indeed unlucky for us that we weren’t able to see at least her nipple. Katherine’s boobs are perfect, and those kind of racks should be flaunted any time and every time. And it could have been perfect with her new jet black hair if in case she flashed her tit. Well, I mean she kinda looks evil in that hair color, and if she just let her tits hang out then it might have gained her a whole new character or personality, landing her more movie roles, right?

Anyway, more wardrobe malfuctions, nip slips, and upskirts here!

Beyonce concert nip slips

Beyonce nip slipBeyonce upskirtWith the type of costumes Beyonce wears, and the way she shakes her body in her live performances, the occurence of a wardrobe malfunction is always possible. She’s always wearing something that fully exposes her massive cleavage,  so of course when she moves, her tits move too, thus slipping a nipple out of her tight top. Case in point, these nip slip pics from one of her concerts. Not only does she often have nip slip moments, Beyonce also always happen to have upskirts due to her sexy costumes. So this got me thinking, are all these intentional? I mean, is this some kind of a star/singer packaging or something like that, that she always need to be in those kind of outfits so she can offer and tease us with nip slips, cameltoes, and/or upskirts? Huh. Possible, right?

Anyway, see more of Beyonce’s and other Hollywood celebs’ paparazzi moments here.