Katherine Heigl’s almost tit flash

Did you know that Katherine Heigl’s character in Grey’s Anatomy already got sacked? Or that she won Female Artist of the Year in ShoWest in Vegas? Okay, well, that’s not the news. The news is, that Katherine almost flashed her left tit to the entire audience of an award show last week. I said … Continue reading

Beyonce concert nip slips

With the type of costumes Beyonce wears, and the way she shakes her body in her live performances, the occurence of a wardrobe malfunction is always possible. She’s always wearing something that fully exposes her massive cleavage,  so of course when she moves, her tits move too, thus slipping a … Continue reading

Paparazzi pussy shots

I guess it’s not just bras that Hollywood celebrities hate to wear. They actually hate wearing panties too! Yes, these days celebrities aren’t that fond of wearing any type of underwear. I don’t know what’s up with that, but of course, I am extremely thankful that that’s the fad in … Continue reading